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ACTually lets you star in your own GIFs, MEMES, and MOVIE SCENES.

Collab with friends from all over the world.

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ACTually is a groundbreaking new social media/video creation and sharing app. Insert yourself in a GIF™, turn yourself into a living MEME, or produce and star in fun movie and TV style SCENES to share with friends, followers and fans on the ACTually social platform as well as established outlets like Instagram and Facebook.

Collab From Anywhere

Your shots will be intercut with random provided clips to create your scene. Cast friends in the same room or from anywhere in the world.

Go Indie

You are the director and have complete control. Import clips from your camera roll or Request a Shot™ from friends.

Build Your Fanbase

Get likes and comments, interact with fans and other content creators, and start building an audience. Share your creations across all social media sites!

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